Dear Parents/Guardians/Friends,

We are so pleased and happy to be back in school next Monday. Please see the schedule below and all we ask is that you and your children strictly adhere to the COVID guidelines – keep social distancing, adults to wear masks at all times, use sneezing and coughing
etiquette and keep washing and sanitizing hands.

Our latest COVID plan will be sent to you along with the Health and Declaration form which is compulsory for re admittance. As usual
please keep your child safe at home if he/she has any signs of ill health and contact your GP.

Next week will be about settling in and getting used to a break between home and school. To that end homework will consist of talking about the childrens’ day in school. Please ask them to tell you all about the fun they had and games they played in their pods.

Once all are happily back we will be checking to see how well they are doing and Parent/Teacher phone meetings will commence.

Classes will return as follows:
Rooms 4 and 5 8.30 – 12.30
Room 3 8.45 – 12.45
Room 10 9.00 – 1pm
Room 9 9.10 – 1.10
Room 8 9.20 – 1.20
Room 7 9.30 – 1.30

On admission and dismissal only the class teacher will go to the Reception Area, the allocated SET/SNA staff monitor the classrooms.

Children go straight to their rooms with NO congregation or chatting at the Entrance. Parents please promptly handover your child and
if you wish to chat with the Teacher please make an appointment to be phoned at an appropriate time by ringing the school office at 4551593 or via Aladdin/Email. It is very important that the handover is swift as others are waiting and social distancing has to be

If your child is having some difficulty coming in please take him/her for a short walk and return again.

We will do our best to accommodate siblings in our school and those from shared families who are in the other schools if there is an extreme difference in starting times.

The CCTV footage will be monitored to ensure all are observing the COVID Safety
requirements both in and out of school.

Please note also the letter below to parents from the Department of Education.

Enjoy the last few days at home with your children and see you all Monday.
All the best,


Letter to parents and guardians 24 Feb