Tuesday, April 7. Day 26.

Good Morning Everyone

I hope you are all well and in good spirits this lovely morning. Just to let you know that I am leaving my Easter Holiday picture up but there will be a new message and video each day with much thanks to Mr. Keane for up loading them.Talking about Mr. Keane – have you taken his ‘eggs-ercise’ challenge? It’s for everyone so let’s see who has the better aim!
As I said yesterday my broadcasts will refer to Holy Week so Parents/Guardians you might explain to the children that when I said ‘people were waving palms’ I meant branches from Palm trees and not their hands though I have no doubt their hands/palms were also waving!
Enough rambling for this morning. Have a great day and please God I’ll chat again tomorrow.
All the best and lots of love,

PS you can view Mr keane’s Easter “Egg”ercises by clicking the following link!¬†https://stpatricksinfants.net/easter-eggercises/ or going through the Pupils Area on our homepage

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