Door open at 8.30 a.m

Every child should be ready to start work in his/her classroom at 8.35 a.m

Children are to be collected at 13:15pm
The school nurse carries out various health checks throughout the year. You will be notified prior to his/her arrival.
Children may have special needs or may have difficulty in the area of eyesight, hearing, speech, emotions or a medical condition. It is important that your child’s teacher is made aware of it.

We have a special educational needs team on staff, who provide children with extra help including Learning Support and Resource Teaching.

All children’s progress will be continually assessed and you will be notified if your child needs extra attention.

Kind hands, kind feet, kind words
Please note the school car park is for staff use only. It is very dangerous to drive into the school car park at arrival and home times. Please park away from the school entrance when dropping off or picking up children from school.
Parents/guardians are requested to write a note if their child has been absent The school is obliged under ‘The Education Welfare Act’, to notify the E.W.O. (Education Welfare Officer) of any child who has been absent for 20 days in any school year.
Small break is from 10:20am-10:40am. Lunch is from 12:00am-12:20pm
A healthy lunch is provided, free of charge to all children.
For further information contact childcare manager:

Lisa Glynn; 087-3155681


All booklist information for Junior Infants and Senior Infants is available below. Please note, all books, folders, copies, arts & crafts materials etc will be supplied by the school under the book rental scheme for €60: payable to the school secretary . Please do not purchase any books.

Booklist for Junior Infants 2020-21

Booklist for Senior Infants 2020-21