Friday, January 15, 2021


Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends


It’s hard to believe we are back here again, but we are,so we will make the best of it. Thank you all so much for engaging so well with our staff and for doing all you can for your children. As before I am absolutely sure that when we return your children will settle in as successfully as they did last September.


Communication is the key so please keep in touch. On that note just a reminder to those who have not made contact remotely to do so and if there is a difficulty your child’s class teacher will help you sort it so don’t worry.


In preparation for reopening the school is presently being deep cleaned and I want to thank our Board so much for doing all they can to keep us all safe and taking such great care of all our needs.


Please stay safe, follow the guidelines and hopefully we’ll all be back as soon as possible.


All the best