Wow!! Wow!!Wow!! A very warm thank you to all the parents, guardians, relatives and particularly the grandparents’ for coming to our school to celebrate Grandparents’ Day. This day was part of our Catholic Schools’ week in which we thanked God and our grandparents for helping create the wonderful world around us.

We started the celebrations with a lovely assembly: Ms Hogan read a very special prayer and Ms Sjaellaender read a beautiful story called ‘Heaven is having you’; The children performed ‘Thank you God for everything’, ‘We sing a song to Brigid’, to celebrate St Brigid and Spring, and closed with our school anthem that brought tears to many eyes.

Grandparents and relatives were invited back to the classrooms to play games. Also, children asked the grandparents about life in the ‘olden days’ and show them what school is like today. The chocolate biscuits and juices were a tasty sweetener shared by everyone. It truly was a remarkable and very special day to be remembered.

The staff at our school were duly humbled and extremely grateful for the praise extended by grandparents- complimenting the warm, colourful, child friendly and special atmosphere evident in all parts of the school.

We would like to extend our warmest thank you the Irish Examiner for the publicity. Take a look at the amazing article.