Friday, May 1 (May Day, Bealtaine), 2020. 50 days since we were last together in school.

Good Morning Everyone,

Happy May Day, the start to the strangest summer ever! I am dedicating today’s video to all your Grannies and Grandads who, like me, grew up in a very different Ireland and a very different time, one definitely consigned to history.

Today when I was little, was the day all us children jumped in the river and had our first swim of the year, we took off our winter vests and everyone prayed to Holy Mary. We made our May Altars at home and at school and used all the wild flowers (and weeds) as a symbol of thanksgiving to our Blessed Mother.

If we were at school we would be making our May Altars and whatever your beliefs are, or none, an Altar as a place to rest and consider is a special area to make in any corner of your home. I have one in my bedroom on which I keep baby photos, small mementos of special times and special little shells and stones I have gathered over the years. Now and then it helps to just be still and remember good times.

May Day is also very important worldwide as we celebrate and honour all workers, past and present. In our Celtic tradition it is the Feast of Bealtaine, that time of year when dark days give way to days of Light and especially, as I said yesterday, it is a time when Fairies and Nature Spirits abound. Indeed please leave some celebratory food outside tonight for any ethereal visitors!

And most important of all we have a long weekend to enjoy the sunshine and start of summer. I have a lovely surprise for you all next Tuesday, just to whet your appetites!, so until then take care, best wishes and Lots of Love,


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