Hi everyone,

Mr Keane here! Here are some fun videos of exercises to practice over the Easter holidays!

Video 10

A continuation and progression from yesterday. This requires a little more movement today but you should find it manageable after getting practice in yesterday. We are also practicing the solo here again so a ball is needed for. If you are looking to change it up from a solo you could place a tennis racket and tennis ball outside the cones and bounce the ball on the tennis racket as part of the challenge or you can perhaps bounce a football before running back into the cones again. Don’t forget you can use your imagination to come up with new challenges all the time!

Thank you for trying my challenges and please have a look over all the eggercises as much as you can and keep practicing and keep staying fit and happy!

Video 9

Today we are going to need very little equipment for our activity. We just simply need 4 different coloured objects. I decided to use cones because i have them for my own training but you can use 4 coloured markers or colour 4 pages different colours. Put them all in a straight line but leave a little gap between them to make sure you are moving side to side enough.

After you have mastered the fast feet movement you can move onto working on the speed of your hands and feet together. After this you can spread out your markers even further and further to ensure you are working harder an covering more ground. Challenge your mom and dad and lets see who is the fastest in the house!

Today’s tip: Don’t go too fast as you might slip and hurt your bum just like Mr Cadogan did when he tried it!!

Video 8

Continuing on from yesterday’s challenge we are again focusing on our coordination skills and bringing a fun element to it all by introducing a second football. Having simple PE equipment such as footballs can make exercise so much fun.

Today’s activity is challenging and possibly our hardest one yet. You will see that i was nearly falling over like Mr Cadogan when i was trying to control the ball!

Have a go and see how you get on. If you think we are good then take on your mom or dad and see if they can beat you!

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Video 7

Carrying on from our co-ordination skills activity that we did yesterday, today we are going to need two balls. If you only have one or none that is ok because you can still use whatever is handy for the throwing and catching.

Now Mr Cadogan found this really hard when he did it and he kept getting dizzy from his bad throws! So take a look and see how you get on!!

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Video 6

Happy Monday everyone! Firstly, I hope that the Easter Bunny was kind to you all. Today’s challenges are difficult, but the more you practice the better you will get!  I am so happy to see the sun shining because it means we are able to get outside and practice all our exercises where we have plenty space and can even go for a run or jog afterwards around the gardens! Good luck everyone and I can’t wait to test you all when we are back in school!


Video 5

Today we just need a ball and a wall. We are going to practice both our throwing and our catching. Make sure to begin with catching the ball tightly into your belly and then you can practice catching the ball out from your body. When catching the ball out from your body make sure and position your two hands slightly behind the ball so that it doesn’t slip through your hands.

If you are really good at catching and find the throws easy to catch then you can add a kick into it and the ball will come back a little harder at you and may require you to move your feet a little more.

Today’s top tip: Be careful not to let the ball hit you in the face like Mr Cadogan!!!!

Enjoy the weekend and see you all on Monday for our next eggercise!

Video 4

Some balance again today guys, but we are also adding some speed work. Ye will be flying it after today’s session! Today’s top tip: Be careful not to slip on the wet grass like Mr Cadogan did, he has a very sore back after it!!!!

Video 3

Today’s focus is on throwing and catching. For this we will just need a small ball, but if this is not available a balled up pair of socks will do just like Monday!

Begin with practicing the low catch at about chest height. Make sure to use both hands. When you feel you are good at this begin to throw the ball a little higher and higher each time. And when this gets too easy challenge yourself to try and catch the ball above your head!

Today i am challenging you to get 10 low catches in a row without dropping the ball and if you manage this try to get 5 catches above your head without dropping it.

Todays tip: If you are finding it difficult to catch/hold onto the ball then use a pair of socks as they will be softer and easier to grab onto. Another tip is to begin with catching the ball/socks into your chest.

Best of luck and enjoy! See if you can beat your mom and dad at it!!

Video 2

For today’s session we are going to work on our balance. Balance is so important for everything we do. From walking, to running, to climbing the stairs and even scoring goals or cycling your bike. Everybody should work on their balance, even your moms and dads so that they wouldn’t have sore muscles and bones when they get older!

For this exercise you do not need any equipment just some space and a line on the floor. If you feel you are progressing and your balance is really good then try to introduce something higher that you need to jump over, or even add some longer hops to your game! Perhaps jump over a box of cereal for the bigger jumps with 2 legs and maybe a pencil case or something small  for the single legged hops.

Mr Keane’s tip of the day is to wear shoes! You will have better balance while wearing shoes or while in your bare feet. Socks can be slippy…. Just ask Mr Cadogan who tried this in his socks and hurt his bum!!!


Video 1

Here we are going to start with the underarm throw. You will start using your strong hand (which you will see is my right hand) and then use your weaker hand. You will need 5 small balls and a target. I have decided to use 5 pairs of socks that I balled up into small balls and my washing basket!

Take 3 steps back, take your 5 shots and don’t forget to record your score! After you have done this you can take 5 steps back and try again and see if you can still score! Keep pushing back further until it gets too difficult for you.

Good luck everyone and see you all tomorrow for a new challenge!

Mr Keane