Wednesday April 22, 2020. Day 41 since we were last together in school.

Good Morning Everyone
Isn’t today’s video fabulous? It was taken by a staff member yesterday near a very well known spot on the Southside..Guess where? You might play the Duck Duck Goose game and chant the Mother Duck Rhyme with your children. (Never miss an opportunity to sing, dance and play!!)  We will be taking the children on tour there as soon as we are somewhat back to normal. Indeed watch this space as there will be lots of different parts of our lovely country as staff are enthusiastically recording their 2 km walks.
On a much more serious note I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Cork Penny Dinners, to Ms. Scanlan, Kirsten (SCP) and Ronan (HSCL), our Community Gardai and the GAA volunteers for all their work and support in providing school meals since we left school. Thank God for this scheme and please please if you need any assistance contact me, your class teacher or Ronan or Kirsten. Be assured your confidentiality will be strictly maintained but do not be short of ANYTHING during this challenging time. We are here to help and support you in as many ways as we can.
Last but certainly not least either and on a very important global issue – today is EARTH DAY. A day when we are reminded to cherish and respect our beautiful planet and all its glorious systems which support life here on Earth. We, especially after this experience, now more than ever need to make the right choices to insure a healthy and bright future for ourselves and our children.
On that note have a great day. Lots more fabulous recordings coming your way. Until tomorrow take care, best wishes and Lots of Love,

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PS you can view Mr Keane’s Easter “Egg”ercises by clicking here or going through the Pupils Area on our homepage