Thursday, May 7, 2020. 8 weeks since we were last together in school.

Good Morning All

I hope you are all well today. Isn’t it incredible that just 8 weeks can feel so long? I am finding this time very challenging as we all are and just to put you on alert – even though the Government Plan for Opening the Country looks promising it does depend on all of us continuing social distancing, possible widespread testing and for us in school only a partial return with some form of Blended Learning being proposed.


What is Blended Learning? It is a mixture of some possible attendance at school and a continuation of schooling via Padlet. This is only a proposal and we await further direction from the HSE, DES, Unions and Board.   Some of you may have misread the August Phase as an opening of Primary Schools – this is not the case and we are presently adhering to the Campus Opening Date of August 27 as per the School Calendar for 2020/2021. This Calendar will be posted to the website today for your information but please note that the only thing we are sure of, is possible change, all depends on Government and Board direction.

We will use text a parent, the Aladdin service and the school website for all notifications.

Until tomorrow, take care, enjoy today with Best Wishes and Lots of Love,


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