Friday, May 8, 2020. 57 days since we were last together in school.

Good Morning All

I hope you enjoyed our sun yesterday afternoon and I look forward to more over the weekend. Things feel so much better and easier when the sun shines.

Thanks to Ber in Room 19 for the lovely picture today and as you can see my hens are thriving as I hope you all are.

We had a staff meeting yesterday and agreed that school reports will be sent out in June and based on your child’s work to March. Again I say do not worry about them ‘falling behind’ or being adversely affected. Plans are well underway to revise and indeed instill new learning as soon as we return. In the meantime we expect our Seniors to graduate to the First Classes, Juniors to Seniors and we look forward to welcoming our new Pupils. A busy few months ahead!

But now to the weekend and the expected sunshine. Have a great one and sending best wishes and Lots of Love,


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