Tuesday, May 5, 2020. Day 54 since we were last together in school.

Hello Everyone

Before I outline some of the Government and HSE plans towards reopening I would like to congratulate Andrea Hanover, one of your Parent Nominees on our Board and a very valued member of our school community. Andrea organised an Online Quiz in aid of Cork Penny Dinners last night and as well as being a great craic it raised over €1450 for Penny Dinners. Well Done Andrea – we are so grateful and so proud of you. Thank You!

Following the Government announcements over the weekend the following is a breakdown of proposed operation of education and childcare services. I hasten to warn you that it all depends on ongoing social distancing and some control of the virus pending a vaccine or antiviral medication. This is a general announcement and we will be able to fill you in further after Board and Campus discussions and further advice from the HSE and Department of Education and Science,

May 18     Phase 1     Childcare for essential healthcare workers. Opening of schools and colleges for teachers.
June 8     Phase 2      As above
June 29   Phase 3     Phased opening of creches and preschools for children of essential workers
July 20    Phase 4     Phased opening of creches, childminders and preschools for all.
August 10     Phase 5    Schools, Third Level and Adult Education Centres opening on a phased basis for the 2020/2021 Academic year.


Looking forward to working through the above with you all and as ever please e-mail me or the office if you have any queries. Oh and I nearly forgot – see today’s video for an update on how our beloved school is doing… and DANCE!!!

Lots of Love and Best Wishes,


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