March 23, 2020. Day 11

Hi Everyone
I hope you had a restful and safe weekend. I have a big favour to ask of you. If possible and while maintaining a very safe distance will you check with parents in your child’s class that you may know do not have internet or mobile phone access. We will get information and support to them. I am very aware that many are very isolated and afraid. This is indeed a very trying time.
I can be contacted discreetly at if there is anything I can help you with. This is my direct email and no one else can see it so complete privacy is assured.
I know class teachers are setting fun work for your children but I dipped into some fun at the weekend and shared Cosmic Yoga with my family. Great easy workouts for you and your children. I also travelled back 38 years when I started teaching as I used a great BBC resource at the time (on cassette tapes!!) called Time to Move. I found this on youtube and WOW really great music and adventures which will keep us going for much longer than we will be confined for.
Most of all take care of yourselves
Lots of Love and all the best