Friday April 3. Day 22

Hello Everyone,.

I hope you are all keeping well. We have a fantastic surprise for you today from our staff here in St. Patricks Infants so sing along or even try the lip sync challenge to Ms Taylor’s melodic singing. We all tried to sing together first but it was so funny – too far apart and too many different connections – we sounded like a cacophony of screaming banshees! So we all agreed that to follow the beautiful sound of Ms Taylor made much more sense. Enjoy!
I again want to emphasise to all our Parents and Friends that please, please if we can help you in any way contact us on the SCP/HSCL phones or me directly via my email. A general text was sent out this morning with the numbers and email.
So I wish you all a restful, peaceful and Happy Easter – away from homework and as little stress as possible. I hope to still make daily videos etc and Thanks to Mr Flynn and Mr. Keane for helping me upload them. Mr. Flynn did a very detailed set of ‘how to upload’ data to our website for me but that is what I am finding so stressful – it’s worse than homework!! so please bear with me while I attempt to communicate next week.
Have a lovely weekend. Enjoy the sunshine and keep safe
All the best and Lots of Love

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