Monday, May 18, 2020. Day 67 since we were last in school together.


Good Morning Everyone


I hope you are all safe and well. Thankfully we are at Phase 1 and the teaching staff are all looking forward to getting to school this week. We have had a long week of preparation for this. We all had to fill in a health form and sign off on it. Then the school had to have a thorough clean so many thanks to John for that. We are only allowed into our own classrooms and if we use the photocopier we have to clean down all surfaces touched. Handwashing is  required very often and only 4 of us are allowed in the school at any one time. This plus constantly social distancing is very challenging and that is even before we know how you and your children are to be given access. I am pointing out all these new structures as a forewarning to you that any return to school for everyone is going to mean huge adaptability and flexibility. We are exhausted already just trying to follow new procedures and keep everyone’s safety as a top priority!


On a brighter note please see the attached video courtesy of Ms Duke’s ‘Loughdown’ walk – there’s a hint! and a reminder that our virtual garden is still growing so please keep sending in your pictures. Isn’t it just gorgeous already!!!


Hopefully I haven’t stressed you out going over the precautions already in place for Teaching staff but I really do feel that you should be kept in the loop and not build up a picture of a ‘normal’ return.


Let’s do our best. Enjoy what we have and sending you as usual Lots of Love and Best Wishes,



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