Wednesday, June 3, 2020. Day 83 since we were last in school together.

Good Morning Everyone

I hope you all enjoyed our extended long weekend and welcome to June and just look at all our fantastic boys and girls in our latest surprise video for you.

We have lots of exciting news for you as we conclude this very extraordinary year. The Senior Infant class Teachers will be letting you know soon about our proposed Graduation celebrations as the Boys and Girls transfer onto the Boys School and Girls School. Should you have any questions about the procedures in both the boys and girls schools please contact them directly because like us we are all establishing new procedures for transition.

On that note I have the latest news on our new procedures for transition of pre schoolers to our School. We will be holding small introductory meetings (Teacher plus 3 Parents/Guardians) in the Hall on the days of June 16 and 17. All Parents will be asked to choose a time that suits them between 9am and 12 or 6pm and 8pm and will be contacted in the coming week. At that socially distanced meeting( for Parents/Guardians only) we will outline starting procedures as much as we are able and answer as best we can your questions. There will be lots of information on our Website so keep an eagle eye on that and later in June we hope to offer personal one to one safely distanced Parent/Child tours if requested.

So let’s take off for a very busy June. Until tomorrow Lots of Love and Stay Safe


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