Thursday June 4, 2020. Day 84 since we were last together in school

Hello Everyone


Wasn’t yesterday’s video just fantastic? A huge Thank You to you all for sending in your pictures and we so look forward to seeing you all again. I am hoping fervently that, just as per the Pre School and Creche guidelines of no social distancing for under sixes, and as all our pupils are under six, we may be able to return fully at the end of August. It’s a glimmer of hope so fingers crossed!


We look forward to meeting our new Parents/Guardians on June 16 and 17 so if you know any please fill them in on how we do things and reassure them that their children are as precious to us as they are to them.


Finally thank you for returning the feedback survey. You can be sure we will take everything you have said and suggested very seriously and hopefully Life will be a little easier as a result. You are doing such fantastic work and thank you all so much from all of us here in St. Patricks.


Until tomorrow, stay safe and lots of love and best wishes



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