Wednesday, May 13. Day 62 since we were last together in school

Hello Everyone

I hope this finds you all well today. I have some important news for you today as Staff have told me you are anxious about who will be working with your child next September. Well – hot off the presses here is the 2020/2021 Staffing List:

Junior Infants

Mr. Cian Cadogan(AP2) Room 3
Ms. Laura Kenna Room 4
Mr. Alan Power Room 5

Senior Infants

Ms. Mary Claire Hogan(AP1) Room 10
Ms. Ally Hayes Room 9
Ms. Edel O Connell Room 8

Mr. Cadogan’s Juniors will go to Ms. Hogan, Room 10. Ms Hayes and Ms O Connell will remain with their classes but move room. Ms. Scanlan’s Juniors will be split between the Senior Infants classes.

Early Intervention Class

Ms. Stacey Taylor Room 19
Ms. Sarah Moroney
Ms. Hazel Busteed

Junior Class (children with ASD)

Mr. Noel Howley Room 20
Ms. Ber Kelly
Ms. Breda Russell

SNAs on Main Corridor

Ms. Lisa Fitzgerald
Ms. Colette O Sullivan
Ms. Chele Graves
(plus 2 additional posts)

Special Education Teachers

Mr. Carthach Keane (DP) Room 2
Mr. Shane Flynn Room 16
Ms. Emma Grimes Room 7

Schools Completion Staff Ms. Kirsten Ui Neill

Home School Community Liaison Mr. Ronan Letis

Secretary Ms. Jennifer Brennan


Mr. John O Flaherty
Mr. Pat Lynch

(To explain DP is Deputy Principal, AP1 is Assistant Principal Grade 1 and AP2 is Assistant Principal Grade 2)

To allay further concerns regarding Transitions – rest assured our Seniors Infants will be graduating and passing into First Class with a fanfare. I will be meeting with the Principals of the Senior schools next week and then we will let you know how we will transition your children after I discuss it further with our SET team and present Senior Infants staff. As ever please discuss the same with your child’s class teacher or contact me , the HSCL or SCP. We are presently contacting the incoming pupils’ families and designing this very new transition in these very strange times.

If you have any queries about the above please contact any of us and we will help you out.

Until tomorrow enjoy the day and sending Best Wishes and Lots of Love,


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