Tuesday, May 12, 2020. Day 61 since we were last in school together.

Good Morning Everyone,
I hope you are all well today. As you can see from today’s video I am back on my tourist trails around the Great Island. I was in Marlogue Woods and it was so beautiful there. Another place for us to go on a tour when we are fully mobile again!!!


Now back to work – we will be packing your child’s books etc next week when teachers are allowed back in school and we will distribute them the week beginning Monday 25th May. We will organise a safe collection process and time that suits you and we will fill you in further over the coming week. This will help us all in concluding the learning in what has been the most unbelievable school year ever.  As ever if you have any queries please contact me via my e mail or ask your child’s class teacher, Ronan in HSCL or Kirsten in SCP.


All the best and Lots of Love,

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