Tuesday March 31. Day 19

Good Morning Everyone
I hope you are keeping well. I am a little sad this morning and you’ll see why when you check out today’s video. Mams and Dads I had considered making up a story about a hen going on tour etc but actually this might be an opportunity to have a quiet chat about the animal world, survival of the fittest, caring for our young etc..let the children lead the conversation and please lead them to a place of acceptance. It is through these stories and experiences (such as my one yesterday) that resilience is built up and do we need so much resilience now!!
Sr. Stan, a warrior woman of Ireland who has given her life to help the homeless and who has set up the incredible Sanctuary in Dublin (well worth a google and a visit) with today’s words encourages us to face today and each day as a new day again –  a time of happiness and most importantly of all, a time of HOPE.
Until tomorrow, take care
Lots of Love and Hope

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