Friday, June 26, 2020. Final day of our school year 2019/2020


Hello Everyone


WE MADE IT! I feel like shouting from the rooftops  – we have made it through the most unusual, unexpected school year of our lives! Well done to all of us!


Lots of congratulations and thanks due to lots of people but especially to you all, our fantastic Families, our fantastic Staff and our fantastic Board. It really has been a gigantic joint effort and I am very proud and thankful of everyone’s part in it.


Congratulations especially to our graduating Senior Infants. We know you are going to be so successful and happy in your future lives because you have got the best start possible. Come back and visit us often please.


A special thanks to those who organised, collected and delivered the School Meals programme over the past few months. School Meals return as usual next August with Breakfast and Lunch provided in all Class Bubbles – indeed these times first thing and midday will become central to our Social Skills and ReIntegration to School programme so please be on time everyday.


The following are the staggered entry and exit times but if they change we will let you know by text and post the changes on the website.  The only door used for drop off and pick up is the Main Entrance Infants door


Senior Infants   Room 10  Ms Hogan    8.30 to 1pm
                         Room   9  Ms Hayes     8.40 – 1.10
                         Room   8  Ms O Connell   8.50  – 1.20
                         Room   7  Ms Grimes    9am to 1.30
Junior Infants   Room   5  Mr. Power      9.10 – 12.30
                         Room   4  Ms. Kenna     9.20 – 12.40
                         Room  3   Mr. Cadogan  9.30 – 12.50


The EIC and Junior ASD classes, on individual staggered times, will be in Rooms 19 and 20 using the door nearest those rooms as their entry and pick up.


We are so pleased that we can provide for all children in school everyday!


Teachers will be in touch with you soon and again before we reopen to support you in any way we can.


The Booklists are on the Website and you may note that there is a reduced contribution of €30 towards Book Rental, Stationary, Assessment Booklets and Digital Licences which partially cover Aladdin Connect, Bua na Cainte, Mathematics and Alive O.


Please keep an eye on incoming texts from our school and our Website as they will be the main means of communication over the Summer and as I always say only believe official correspondence from us – Information has a way of ‘gathering arms and legs’ through chats! If you have any queries or concerns please contact us directly via any of our emails listed on the website or via Aladdin.


And so may I take this opportunity to wish you a great Summer and say that we are so looking forward to working with you all back onsite next August 24th for our new Seniors and Junior ASD class and August 27 for our new Juniors and Early Intervention class.


Sending you all Lots of Love and Best Wishes




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