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Booklist Information 2017-18

Dear Parent(s)/ Guardian(s), The booklist information for the coming academic year 2017-18 year is available here: Junior Infants and Senior Infants. This information can also be found by clicking the following link: and scrolling to the 'Booklist 2017-2018' toggle. Please note, the book rental scheme covers all books, materials, folders, copies, photocopying, interactive resources and assessment booklets. The book rental fee is €60 and payable to the school secretary. Please don't purchase any books or materials. 

Congrats to St. Patrick’s BNS

We extend a very warm congratulations to the boys from St. Patrick's BNS for their triumphant performance in the Sciath na Scol final in Páirc Uí Rinn against Midleton CBS, under the guidance of teacher Damien Horgan. Hard work and persistence paid off for them all.   Thanks so much for visiting the infants today with the winners' cup. We hope to see your success continue for many years to come.

Visit from the Fire Fighters!

Today 3 very brave fire fighters, Irene (Cork's only female fire fighter), Martin & Jason, came to visit our school from Cork City Fire Brigade. First, they discussed their role as fire fighters, showed the boys and girls all the parts to their very important uniform, highlighted the key role a fire alarm has in the home and answered some of the children’s questions. Then, we tested the fire fighters by timing them getting into their uniform in the event of a 999 or 112 call. They did it in 50 seconds with 10 seconds to spare. Last, and most excitingly, the infants got to go out to the fire truck, sit in it and have a go turning on and off the water hose. It really was a fun and exciting event.

Barrier games with parents/guardians.

Our home school community liaison officer, Joy Murray kindly organised some very fun barriers games for the parents and children in our school. Barrier games are an excellent way of developing oral language and listening skills. It was a treat for the children to have their parents in the classroom with them; they loved every minute of it.  A big thanks to Joy, the boys from St. Patrick's Boys and especially to all the parents who came to play.

Signs of Summer…

Room 4 and Room 10 went on a nature walk this week. The boys and girls enjoyed spotting the signs of Summer which were very evident in the Glen Park. The children collected samples of the blooming colourful flowers and leavy green trees to bring back to school. Everyone had fun counting the ducks and ducklings in the pond; some children even spotted some frog spawn. Take a look at the photos to see what you can find?!

Awesome Attendance in Term 2

At assembly this Friday, we awarded certificates to boys and girls for their awesome attendance in term 2. Those who got Full Attendance Certificates (orange) didn't miss a single day while those who received Excellent Attendance (green) Certificates missed just 1 or 2 days. We also awarded Improved Attendance Certificates (yellow). We extend a huge thanks to the parents for their continued efforts in getting children to school each and everyday regardless of the weather. Maith Sibh!

Cór Féile na Scol

Last Thursday was a very memorable evening for our super Senior Infants, who took part in the annual Cór Féile na Scol in City Hall, Cork. Their energetic and cool showcase of ‘The Barnyard Moosical’ went down a treat with the audience. The boys and girls, colourfully dressed as farmers, cows, pigs and chickens, performed 4 lively action songs- ‘Is mise an Feirmeoir’, ‘When Pigs Fly’ ‘Cows' Chorus Line’ and ‘Funky Chikcken’. Teachers, staff and parents couldn't be prouder of them. We, at St. Patrick’s Infants’ NS, extend a warm thanks to all the organisers and volunteers of Cór Féile na Scol, for without whom our children wouldn’t experience this confidence building tradition.

World Book Day

The children celebrated world book day in style by dressing up as their favourite character from a story. We had a lovely assembly and Mrs Hogan read 'Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book?'.  Throughout the day boys and girls from each class went to the office to read out quotes from popular fairytales and stories while the other children guessed the title. As well as that, children designed their own book mark. Take a look at some of the pictures- can you see Charlie/ Red riding hood/ Peter Pan etc?

Stories ar Scoil.

The children received a lovely a surprise when story teller Paddy O'Brien came to visit our school. Paddy was a huge hit with the children because of his funny twists on very popular nursery rhymes. Try this at home: ''Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a box of pizza an ogre brown came running down and said buzz off or I’ll eat ya'..’'   

Visit from the dentist

Thanks so much to dentist Sinéad McGrath for visiting our school today. Sinéad showed us the correct way to brush our teeth. She told us how important it is to brush our teeth twice a day and for two minutes. We also talked about food and drinks that have lots of sugar in them.